Want to advertise with Waltham Forest Echo?

A Stow Brothers adThe Echo has a circulation of 12,500 copies per issue and an estimated readership of up to 37,500 people.

The newspaper is distributed across the borough in community venues, pubs, cafes, libraries, doctors’ surgeries, shops and hairdressers; as well as outside the borough’s train and tube stations and door-to-door.

The Echo now sells its advertising in partnership with Hackney Citizen. If you wish to place an advert with us please email Ben Cawthra at or call 020 3892 0061.

Advert dimensions:

Full page: Width 262.25mm, height 317.5mm

Half page: Width 262.25mm, height 158.75mm

One column: Width 49.1mm

Two columns: Width 102.4mm

Three columns: Width 155.7mm

In April 2017 the Echo‘s editorial team and members agreed the Echo Advertising Policy.